Tailored WP Content for your ONTRAPORT Contacts

Easy to Setup

With a few clicks you can have the system setup to automatically bring blog content from your wordpress site into contact records ready to be merged into a templated newsletter.

Tailored Content

Your contacts select the content they want to follow and they will get all of the new posts in related to their preferences dynamically.

UTM Tracking

Tracking Enabled to Automatically Pass UTMs into Your Analytics account to see the click through rates from your email blasts.

Awesome Templates

Choose from a range of newsletter templates that will be dynamically pushed into your ONTRAPORT account ready to be used with the plugin.

Bulletini has been shelved for now…

The bulletini plugin built for Ontraport is not longer available to new users.

Existing users may still access support at support@itmooti.com

Thank you.

Welcome to Bulletini!

If you are already a blogger then your already knoew the benefits of blogging for your business. It helps drive traffic to your website, it helps convert that traffic into leads and it helps establish authority. If you are using ONTRAPORT then you already know how powerful their multi-channel markerting automation toolset is. Bulletini brings these two tools together so that you can keep your contacts up to date with the content they want to see. Bringing them back to your website more regularly and increasing the potential for converting them into customers. You can download the plugin with the link below.

Watch the Demo

The video below is an in depth walkthrough of all the features of the Buleltini Plugin.

Fully Responsive Newsletter Templates

Bulletini comes with a range of newsletter templates that can be configured with your branding colours and logo before being pushed into your ONTRAPORT account with a single click.

We know how important the design of your message is to you. Having built custom html emails for our clients for over 5 years we have learnt and implemented the best practices for building a great looking email in the ONTRAPORT HTML editor.

Deeply Customisable

Bulletini has multiple settings  to deeply configure the integration between your blog content and ONTRAPORT. Content Type settings allowing you to choose which post type you want to use, Content Number settings allowing you to select how many articles you want to merge on each contact sync, Content Field Matching settingsto decide which field from your article will be merged into a correlating field in ONTRAPORT.

Easily Add Newsletter Templates to your ONTRAPORT Account

With a couple of click you can configure one of our beautifully designed and mobile ready templates with your own branding and then push it into your ONTRAPORT account.

Integrated With Google Analytics via UTMs

With the UTM tracking feature each link that you pass into your ONTRAPORT contact can have tags attached that give you deeper insights into the performance of your Newsletters.

On Demand or Scheduled Syncing between WP and OP

The Bulletini Sync Engine can be set to run automatically using the scheduler. Set and forget so that your ONTRAPORT contacts will get new content each day, week or month automatically.

Flexible Pricing Options

We have created a couple of different ways that you can purchase Bulletini.

Ad-hoc or Subscription

With the Ad-hoc option you can buy Contact Syncs whenever they are needed. Each time you buy 1000 contact syncs your license is renewed for 1 year.

Our Subscription options give you a certain number of Contact Syncs to use each month. As the Bulletini Sync engine is used these Contact Syncs are reduced in number based on how many contacts your syncs blog content with. On payment each month your Contact Sync level will revert back to the amount that you have signed up for.

All Plans come with 24/7 Ticketed Support

Learn all about how Bulletini works on our support website. We have articles on all the product features and step by step guides on how to use Bulletini with your Blog.